Professional Ultra-Light Ionic Hair Dryer - For Blow-Dry Addicts

$400.00 CAD


Professional Ultra-Light Ionic Hair Dryer

Among the lightest on the market at 279 grams, this hair dryer features an automatic self-cleaning function to ensure an extended lifespan. You'll love its ultra-powerful motor and convenient 10-foot long power cable.

If you're not already a "blow-dry addict," you'll become one.

  • Ultra-light : Ranked as one of the lightest hair dryers, it's 279-gram weight ensures effortless handling and reduces arm fatigue during styling. 
  • Advanced Ionic Technology: Looking to combat frizz and static? Our hair dryer's iconic Technology is the solution, delivering smoother, shinier hair with each use. 
  • Powerful High-Speed Motor: With a remarkable speed of 113,000 RPM, this hair dryer stands out for its ability to significantly cut down drying time, making it a favorite among busy individuals.
  • Extra-long power cable: The 10-foot professional -length cable provides ample freedom of movement, making it ideal for salon and home use. 
  • Smart Memory storage: Simplify your styling routine with the memory storage feature, which retains your preferred settings for a personalized experience. 
  • Upgrade Your Dryer: To professional Ultra-Light Ionic Hair Dryer and experience the perfect blend of lightweight design, powerful performance and innovative features. Say hello to sleek, frizz-free hair.